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Mission Statement

[Your Company Name] takes pride in a job well done, no matter the endeavor.  As we willfully pursue the discipline of energy conservation, it is our hope that as a result we can all breath a little easier.  But let’s not kid ourselves, no one can deny the visceral pull and instant gratification of lowering energy costs.  One of the main reasons we’ve chosen to promote LED products is the powerful potential they hold to significantly reduce energy consumption and eliminate waste.


On one hand, we see a world awash in man-made hazards.  Take mercury. Our seafood, even the very composition of our bodies, is laced with this carcinogenic chemical.  We found that a significant source of mercury in our environment comes from discarded fluorescent bulbs.  Have you ever broken a fluorescent tube? That white powder is mercury.  Imagine millions of tubes being discarded every day, broken in landfills and leaching mercury into the soil and thus into the food chain.  How did we as a society let this happen?


While there are many other hazards inherent with traditional lighting, and particularly with bulbs, the thought of the steadily encroaching devastation wrought mercury waste inspires us and drives us to promote the adaptation of LED technology.  Frankly, at this point with the tremendous technical advances and reduced production costs, now is the time to retrofit your lighting to LED.


The challenge is in getting the word to the people that hold the purses strings – the ones that are paying the electric bill.   Consider a school, hospital or Class A office building with 100,000 2×4 3-lamp fluorescent tubes.  Depending upon the hours of operation, these facilities are spending between 5 and 10 million dollars in energy and maintenance costs (broken tubes!!).   Retrofitting these same 100,000 troffers with LED lamps will cut the energy and maintenance costs by 75-80%.  That’s 4-to-8 million dollars in energy and maintenance costs saved PER YEAR.  It’s a fact and we can show it.  It haunts our dreams and drives our motives – well this, and the mercury thing.


It’s an ultimate win/win/win, and we like to win.  By actively promoting LED products we help to restore the environment for future generations – that’s a big WIN.  As a result we help our clients save a fortune – money that can go to hiring more teachers, nurses, or to amass wealth that can trickle down to create jobs, livelihoods and happy families – that’s another big win!  Lastly, we create healthy careers, and (if we’re doing it right) prosperity for our families and ourselves – yes, surprisingly, we consider that a win as well.


It is with these objectives in mind that we invite you to join us.  Together we can make a difference – at least in the lighting.  Thank you and good day.