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20W 4FT T8 LED Tube

Our popular 4FT 20W T8 LED Tubes produce 2050 lumens of light for any tube fixture application. These high quality tubes are rated for 50,000 lifetime hours to ensure they will be in service for years.

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As with all of our bulbs, fixtures and retrofits our 20W tube light is submitted to rigorous quality-control measures before leaving our factory. Third party representatives inspect and approve the quality of the items in your order before it is packed and shipped. These extra measures guarantee you will receive quality products order after order. Orders of 20+ units include shipping and freight. Sample orders of under 20 units are available with shipping charges.

Feature for feature, our LED tube lights represent the very best value in tube technology. Engineered with the highest quality materials and components, these tube incorporate a solid D-Type aluminum backing that not only adds heft and a sense of solid construction, it serves as the most effective heat sink available on the market today. This, along with Epistar 2855 SMD diodes and drivers help to ensure the longest tube lighting life possible.

Our tubes optionally include the latest energy-saving features that include efficacy (1850lm) – over 100-lumens per watt, handily replacing a standard 4FT fluorescent tube. Other optional features include T8 or T5 pin-sets & sizes, and dimming & motion-sensing options. These tubes can be custom-manufactured to meet your exactingly specifications, including dimming intervals and levels (0-10V) and motion-sensing actions.


Descriptions Power Size LED Quantity
Lumen Replace
traditional tube
10W Dimmable Tube Light 10W 2FT 48LED(25-26Lm) 1050Lm 22W Warm
Cool White
AC90-277V or
15W Dimmable Tube Light 15W 3FT 72LED(25-26Lm) 1550Lm 30W
18W Dimmable Tube Light 18W 4FT 96LED(25-26Lm) 1850Lm 36W
20W Dimmable Tube Light 20W 4FT 120LED(25-26Lm) 2050Lm 40W
22W Dimmable Tube Light 22W 4FT 120LED(25-26Lm) 2300Lm 45W
24W Dimmable Tube Light 24W 5FT 140LED(25-26Lm) 2450Lm 48W
28W Dimmable Tube Light 28W 6FT 144LED(25-26Lm) 2900Lm 56W
36W Dimmable Tube Light 36W 8FT 240LED(25-26Lm) 3700Lm 72W

20W Tube Light


  • The highest quality LED tube light, bar none.
  • Industry Acknowledged Best Chipset: Epistar 2855 SMD
  • D-Type Aluminum Backing (provides heatsink excellence)
  • High energy-saving efficacy: 100+lm/w output
  • Multi-voltage drivers: 90~277VAC or 90~347VAC
  • Customizable to meet exacting specifications
  • Short circuit protection
  • Ambient Operating Temperatures: -20-85°C (-4-176°F)
  • ETL and DLC approved – Eligible for most utility rebates
  • No flicker, noise or warm-up time.
  • 120° Beam Angle
  • Zero maintenance required



20W 4FT T8 LED Tube dimensions diagram

Spec Sheet

20W 4FT T8 LED Tube light spec sheet

LED Dimmable Tube Light


Especially designed for Offices, Showrooms, Malls, Restaurants, Hotels, Buses, Trains, Warehouse, Hospitals, Parking Garages, and many other applications.

20W 4FT T8 LED Tube light WAWA Application photo We are your LED Source LED Source provided by 20W 4FT T8 LED Tube lights in this train station application photo LED Source 20W 4FT T8 LED Tube light in this application photo


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